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The cost of attending your bestie's wedding

Updated: May 19, 2022

Is your bestie getting married this season? If so, you probably heard her complain about how expensive her dress, makeup and decorations are. Plus, add elaborate jewellery, gifts for her in-laws, and the cost of her dresses for dinner parties to that too- which amounts to Rs. 800%$#@%%!

Wait!!! Before you breathe a sigh of relief that this is not you, as her best friend, you are in for a bite-sized investment yourself. Think about this, if she is having three events and you are invited to all of them, you will naturally need 3 dresses, 1 pre-event parlour visit for basic things like wax, eyebrows, facial, manicure and pedicure, then makeup and hair done on event days, transport to and from the venue (if you aren't using your own car) and her gift.

Here is what prices look like nowadays.

  • Basic parlor services (package) - PKR 5,000- PKR 10,000

  • 1 formal dress- PKR 8,000-20,000 (obviously you can go as high as you want, this is the average)

  • Party makeup from a good salon- PKR 5,000- 20,000

  • Hair from a good salon- PKR 2,000- 5,000

  • Transport- PKR 3,000 for three days (obviously depends on the distance and the service you are using)

  • Gift- PKR 3,000 and above (it depends on how generous you are)

Even if we accumulate the bottom bracket of all of these services, you need approximately PKR 50,000 to attend a close friend's wedding comfortably and the sky's the limit after that. It obviously depends on your tastes and preferences. However, it is a considerable expenditure that you need to prepare for.

No, don't bail out on her. Start saving with Oraan in a committee. It won't seem like a big deal if you save a little at a time. We promise.

Join a committee here!

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