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Why Financial Coaching with Oraan

Budgeting Skills: Understand how to create and manage a budget, enabling you to handle your expenses more effectively, whether it's for personal needs, educational expenses or starting a small business.

Investment Guidance: Learn the basics of investing, how it can help grow your money over time, and how to start even with small amounts.

Goal Setting: Understand how to set realistic financial goals and create a plan to achieve them, be it for further education, entrepreneurship, or personal projects.

Understanding Financial Products: Get clarity on different financial products and services, helping you make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Designed for you: Receive personalized advice that caters to your unique situation and goals. Whether you're a student managing loans or a woman planning to start a business, Oraan's financial coaching is customized to your needs.

Expert Financial Coaches: Work with the people who have experience in the financial industry and understand the problems in the industry.

Coaching Packages

15 mins Free Consultation

Begin your financial journey with Oraan through a 15-minute introductory video call. This no-obligation discussion with our financial expert allows you to express your expectations and unique concerns, shaping a tailored coaching programme. Designed for Pakistani household, Oraan's coaching cultivates financial knowledge and confidence to navigate your distinct financial journey.

Discover if Oraan is your stepping stone towards financial independence.

60 mins Individual Coaching

Rs 7,500 per hour

Want to take control of your finances step-by-step but don’t know how or where to start? Our financial experts will guide you in one-to-one video sessions – for as long as you need.

Understand your current financial situation.

Review and improve how you handle your money.

Create a plan for growing your wealth over time.

Learn the basics of the stock market, easy investing method, and how to generate steady income.

Get advice on how to build your investment portfolio or solve financial challenges.

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