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We are making finance more inclusive so that everyone, especially women can come together to dream bold, take charge and save for their future.

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Power of technology and simple coaching will get you the products and services you need to save and grow your money, and build your financial profile

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Simple, transparent and hassle free

No more finding people to save with or borrow. Oraan's flagship product, Oraan Committees, is the first step towards financial freedom.

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Build your financial profile

With Oraan, every member gets access to build their financial identify as they participate in our core product, Oraan committees. Having a financial profile is the first step to being financially independent

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Don't take our word for it...

Join thousands of members across Pakistan, who have achieved their goals with Oraan.



Make-up Artist

“I did my research. My first comittee was with Rahada and I had a few mutuals with her on facebook so I knew it wasnt a fake profile or anything”

With Oraan since: October 2019



Staff Supervisor at Private Company

"I like the Oraan App because it educates people about money in a way that is easy to understand. Notifications related to Oraan Circle for all members go automatically without any hidden charges. It is a great system to keep a record of receiving and paying installments.It supports a green environment as it is a totally paperless system."

With Oraan since: September 2018

Ali Akbar.png

Ali Akbar


“I knew the people of Oraan and that I could trust them”. Plus management has been very transparent on their app. I received my payout on time and even got the computer I was saving for and needed for my film-making.

With Oraan since: May 2019

Maryam 2.png



"My experience has been pretty good so far. I needed to save money and Oraan gave me a good platform to start off. I suppose you can say that it was shot in the dark for me in the beginning, like I took a chance, but having taken that chance, I am quite happy.”

With Oraan since: April 2019

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Mrs. Arif

Clothes Shop Owner

"جب مجھے کمیٹی کی بہت ضرورت تھی تب میری بھتیجی نے مجھے اُڑان كے بارے میں بتایا

شروع میں مجھے اُڑان پر اعتبار نہیں تھا، کیوںکہ آج کہ دور میں پیسوں کو لے کر دوسروں پر بھروسا کرنا بہت مشکل ہے۔ لیکن پھر میں اِنکو چلانے والے لوگوں سے ملی، اور میں نے کمیٹی شروع کر لی۔ جب مجھے میری کمیٹی وقت پر ملی تو مجھے بہت "خوشی ہوی

With Oraan since: October 2019



Assistant Marketing Manager

“I came across Oraan from Twitter” through Maya, an Oraan representative who I follow.

First I thought “Risk tho lena parta hai! Lekin aap logon se milne ke baad mujhe confidence mila hai” aur I trust Oraan.

With Oraan since: December 2019


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