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Oraan is changing the way Pakistanis’ imagine committees. 

We enable you to save with a safe group in a simple and transparent method whether you are looking to save for a car, a wedding, or just become better at savings. 

Become part of an Oraan Committee (OC) today.

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Group Savings and Borrowing 

Group Savings - ROSCAs, commonly known as committees or beesees in Pakistan, are an age old method of savings. A group of people come together and contribute each month into a common fund for a pre-determined period of time. Each member accesses the pool in a month, decided anonymously, amongst the group. The cycle continues till each member gets their contributions.


Apply for a Committee Slot

Fill out a form with your budget for the committee and month you are interested in. After processing your requirements, you will be matched to a committee according to your needs


  • Safe

    Oraan committees are 100% safe and secure and consist only of members that have been verified by us

  • On-time Payments

    Oraan guarantees you will receive your committee payout on time with no delays

  • Build a Financial Profile

    Based on your payments and verified information, build a history with Oraan and create your financial profile 

  • Low - 0% Fees

    Join the later slots with 0 fees. Earlier slots have low fees attached to it




Make-up Artist

“I did my research. My first comittee was with Rahada and I had a few mutuals with her on facebook so I knew it wasnt a fake profile or anything”

With Oraan since: October 2019


Staff Supervisor at Private Company

"I like the Oraan App because it educates people about money in a way that is easy to understand. Notifications related to Oraan Circle for all members go automatically without any hidden charges. It is a great system to keep a record of receiving and paying installments.It supports a green environment as it is a totally paperless system."

With Oraan since: September 2018

Ali Akbar


“I knew the people of Oraan and that I could trust them”. Plus management has been very transparent on their app. I received my payout on time and even got the computer I was saving for and needed for my film-making.

With Oraan since: May 2019



"My experience has been pretty good so far. I needed to save money and Oraan gave me a good platform to start off. I suppose you can say that it was shot in the dark for me in the beginning, like I took a chance, but having taken that chance, I am quite happy.”

With Oraan since: April 2019

Mrs. Arif

Clothes Shop Owner

"جب مجھے کمیٹی کی بہت ضرورت تھی تب میری بھتیجی نے مجھے اُڑان كے بارے میں بتایا

شروع میں مجھے اُڑان پر اعتبار نہیں تھا، کیوںکہ آج کہ دور میں پیسوں کو لے کر دوسروں پر بھروسا کرنا بہت مشکل ہے۔ لیکن پھر میں اِنکو چلانے والے لوگوں سے ملی، اور میں نے کمیٹی شروع کر لی۔ جب مجھے میری کمیٹی وقت پر ملی تو مجھے بہت "خوشی ہوی

With Oraan since: October 2019


Assistant Marketing Manager

“I came across Oraan from Twitter” through Maya, an Oraan representative who I follow.

First I thought “Risk tho lena parta hai! Lekin aap logon se milne ke baad mujhe confidence mila hai” aur I trust Oraan.

With Oraan since: December 2019


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Shariah Certified

Oraan Committee management services provided by Oraan are Shariah certified by Safwa Shariah Advisory (Pvt.) Ltd. Click here to read more.

SECP registered

Oraan is registered in Pakistan as Oraan Tech Pvt. Ltd. with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (No. 0122392) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oraan Pte Ltd, registered in Singapore.

Oraan is Karandaaz / Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grantee for Women Financial Inclusion in Pakistan.