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Terms & Conditions 

About Oraan 

Oraan is a financial technology company working to make access to financial services simpler and gender inclusive. Our flagship product is Oraan Committees. 


Contractual Rights of Oraan

These legal terms are between you and Oraan Private Limited (Oraan/us/we) and you agree to them by using the Oraan app and website.

You should read this document along with our Privacy Policy


What is an Oraan Committee

Oraan committee is a digital committee product where Oraan will helps you find the right committee to access savings. Oraan will act as your facilitator and or agent to make sure you are paying on time and receiving your money on time. You can choose to be part of 5 months or 10 months Oraan committees. 


Process to be part of Oraan Committees:
  • Submission of Application 

  • Verification of the applicant 

  • Confirmation by making the first payment 


What are the policies for Oraan Committees

Once you agree to becoming an Oraan Committee member, the following rules are applicable to you:


Confirmation of slot

Your committee payout month and commitment in a committee is confirmed after your first payment. Failure to pay the first installment within the defined deadline will result in cancellation of your slot. If you require an extension of the deadline, you have to request for extension before the deadline.

Late payment

Failure to pay within the deadline can result in an extra payment towards the charity. In case of delays, you undertake to pay an amount in charity which will be collected by Oraan and disbursed to a government registered charity. In case of delay, it is your responsibility to inform the Oraan team and request for extension. Only one extension without charity will be granted. If your payment is 10 days late from the deadline and/or extension period, you will receive a warning. 


Oraan holds the right to change your payout month in case of continuous late payments. 


If you have not paid within the defined deadline, Oraan reserves the right to move your payout month to a later month. You might also be subjected for extra payments towards the charity of Oraan’s choice. 

Oraan can also drop your slot and rebook you to a different slot. If you have been given two warnings, Oraan will deduct full fees in your payout month. In case you have received three warnings, oraan will move your payout month or drop your slot with full refund of your deposited amount within 7 working days. Please note fees will not be refunded. 

Non payment after payout

If you have received a payout and have not paid your installment for over 30 days, you will be considered a 'defaulter'. Oraan has the right to pursue legal action for recovery and report you to the concerned authorities. Your ability to access financial services in the future will be limited following this. 



Refunds can have in the following cases: 

  1. You have made an extra payment and instead of applying to the following month, you want a refund - In this case,  Oraan will return the amount to you within 5 working days.

  2. You are choosing to drop your slot before your payout month, you will be refunded within 5 working days however your fees are non-refundable.



Your payout will be sent to an account under your name.

In case you submit a family members’ account, you have to provide their CNIC and contact details, and Oraan holds the right to ask them permission and take them as a guarantor. 

Oraan will not transfer payments to defaulter accounts or members with pending balance.

In case of a business account, we require proof of ownership or association with said business. We also require information on what the nature of the business is.

It is compulsory for all members to submit our committee protection plan before taking payout.


Oraan has the right to drop you if your reference fails, such that they do not take guarantee of your information or don't hold a good history with Oraan.

Oraan has the right to drop you if your reference has a pending balance or has become a defaulter.

In the case of family members, if you or your family member default, Oraan has the right to withhold your payment for recovery.


Will I go through a verification process

All members of the Oraan committee go through a verification process to confirm you in the Oraan Committee. You need to be 18+ to take part unless otherwise part of some special campaigns. Oraan will hold the right to reject your application if you don’t pass the verification process.


Are there any fees for Oraan Committees

We charge service fees depending on the duration of your OC and your Payout month. It is charged as a percentage of your monthly instalment amount. When you apply for your Oraan Committee, you will be informed on the Oraan app about the fee you have to pay. It will be added to your monthly instalment amount.

Making payments of Oraan Committees

Oraan accepts multiple modes of payments into its official bank accounts. Upon confirmation of the Oraan committee, the information will be shared with the user 


How to contact us

We are available at 


Whatsapp: 03001267226


How to make a complaint

If you have a complaint, please contact us and we’ll do our best to fix the problem.


Contractual Agreement 
  1. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to that if you are to take an Oraan Committee or any other product with Oraan, you are obliged to make the payments on time.

  2. In case of default, fraud, or any misrepresentation, you will be subjected to legal recourse


Oraan Community
  1. By being part of Oraan, you are agreeing to be part of Oraan's community

  2. You will be banned from the platform if you: 

    1. Disrespect any of the members or team of Oraan

    2. Use Language and or act in a way that doesn't adhere to the values of Oraan 

    3. Misrepresent any information provided to Oraan

Oraan Study Now, Pay Later

​Terms and Conditions for Oraan's SNPL product can be found here


Making changes to this agreement

This agreement will always be available in the app and on our website.

We can make changes to it for any reason. If we make changes to it that are clearly in your favor, we’ll tell you once we’ve made them. Otherwise, we’ll give you two months’ notice in the most secure way, using one of our usual channels (see ‘How we’ll contact you’ above).

If you don’t agree to these changes, you can let us know and we’ll close your account. We’ll transfer any money in the account to another account of yours, and you’ll need to pay back any money you owe us. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll assume that you’re happy with the changes we’ve made.

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