Oraan’s terms & conditions

About Oraan

Oraan is a financial technology company working to make access to financial services simpler and gender inclusive. Our flagship product is Oraan Committees.

Contractual Rights of Oraan

These legal terms are between you and Oraan Private Limited (Oraan/us/we) and you agree to them by using the Oraan app and website.You should read this document along with our Privacy Policy

What is an Oraan Committee?

Oraan committee is a digital committee product where Oraan will helps you find the right committee to access savings. Oraan will act as your facilitator and or agent to make sure you are paying on time and receiving your money on time. You can choose to be part of 5 months or 10 months Oraan committees.

Process to be part of Oraan Committees:

  • Submission of Application
  • Verification of the applicant
  • Confirmation by making the first payment

What are the policies for Oraan Committees

Once you agree to becoming an Oraan Committee member, the following rules are applicable to you:

Confirmation of slot

Your committee payout month and commitment in a committee is confirmed after your first payment. Failure to pay the first installment within the defined deadline will result in cancellation of your slot. If you require an extension of the deadline, you have to request for extension before the deadline.

Late payment

Failure to pay within the deadline can result in a extra payment towards the charity . In case of delays, it is your responsibility to inform the Oraan team and request for extension. Only one extension without penalty will be granted. If your payment is 10 days late from the deadline and/or extension period, you will receive a warning.

Oraan holds the right to change your payout month in case of continuous late payments. Oraan holds the right to charge late fees in case of delayed payments.