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Financial products have not been made keeping women and their needs in mind. We are on a mission to make money simple for everyone, especially women. 

Our Story

In 2018, we had a hard time opening up our own bank accounts, applying for credit cards or getting a loan. We set out to change that. First thing we did was to understand the relationship other Pakistanis have with money - where they spend and how they save. We were curious to know how millions of women were banking with limited access to formal financial institutions or documentation. As thousands of women from across the country shared their stories with us, we learnt that 


  1. Women are the budget ministers of their households. 

  2. Their financial requirements are often unmet by the formal economy 

  3. 41% of the population saves through committees. 


That is how Oraan came about, Pakistan’s first women-led women-first fintech startup.


We realised that by digitising committees we can make money and savings simple and achievable for everyone and empower women by offering them a safe, reliable and flexible digital solution. 


Since then our team has grown to the strength of 25 plus collaborators coming together with the belief that when women save, everyone wins. Everyday we strive to create impact in the lives of Pakistanis and play our part in helping them realise the vision they have for themselves, for their families, for their children.


Over the past three years, thousands of Oraan Savers from 170+ cities have saved with Oraan to achieve their goals. They have travelled, studied, paid for their weddings, bought their first cars, paid off debt, … the list goes on.

We are Pakistan’s first women-led, women-first fintech startup.

founders of oraan Halima Iqbal and Farwah Tapal

"Dare to dream... bigger"

Founders Halima Iqbal & Farwah Tapal