5 ways to be rich-er in 2024

Halima Iqbal

Let’s make 2024 the best year for your bank account, and otherwise too of course. Here are few ways to take control and become richer this coming new year

1.     Set a specific financial goal for yourself this year. 

Begin your year by defining a clear financial goal. Instead of saying "I want to be rich," set specific targets like:

a)     I want to be able to save PKR 10,000 every month 

b)     I want to invest PKR 5,000 every month 

c)     I want to earn PKR 50,000 every month

This allows you to be more accountable, gives you direction, and maintains motivation. 

2.     Understand your expenses:

Everyone talks about budgeting tips but no one talks about how to go about it in the best manner. The first step to all budgeting is understanding what your financial behavior looks like. Let's start with using this tool to understand, we have built this on using a simple budgeting method, like the 50/30/20 rule (50% on needs, 30%on wants, 20% on savings), to manage your money better. This helps in growing your savings and planning for future investments. 


3.     Invest in learning new skills:

Enhance your skills and knowledge, at your own time, from your own place. There are a lot of free courses available online through Coursera or Udemy  which could help you earn an income in the future. 


4.     Diversify Income Sources:

Look for ways to earn more through various channels like online businesses, part-time jobs, or investments. This helps in increasing your financial security and independence. Keep an eye out on Oraan platform, we have a part time opportunity coming up in the new year. 


5.     Find a financial coach or a community:

Finding a community or coach can speed up your progress toward your goals. This could be a financial coach who understands your unique circumstances and  can provide you with personalized guidance, helping you avoid common pitfalls and achieve your goals more quickly. Whether it's managing savings, investments, or household budgets, a mentor can offer valuable insights and encouragement. Remember, the right coach or community is someone who can truly empathize with your challenges and guide you towards overcoming them. Sign up to find your right coach here


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