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Oraan's SNPL program lets students focus on their education now and worry about the costs later. Start thae journey to success today!

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How it works?

Students enrolled in our partner institute apply via an online form

The Oraan team gets in touch with you within 2 working days and requests a few documents

You get verified and approved and get a tentative plan

You accept your plan & Oraan pays your university directly

You pay Oraan back in 3, 6 or 10 month easy instalments

Benefits for Students

No upfront costs

Start your education immediately

Flexible repayment

Repay at your own pace after you start earning

No hidden fees

Transparency is our priority

Financial freedom

Don't let finances stand in the way of your dreams

Benefits for Universities

Increase Enrollment

By offering accessible financial solutions, attract a broader pool of prospective students

Enhance Diversity

Make education more accessible to students from different socio-economic backgrounds, fostering a richer and more inclusive learning environment

Improve Reputation

Show your commitment to student success and affordability, enhancing your appeal to potential students and parents

What Oraan Members Say About Us

I never wanted to burden my parents with my higher education, so I set out to complete a master's degree on my dime. I learned about Oraan through a group, and once we talked about my case, trust me, I felt at rest. I'm grateful to Oraan for assisting me in achieving my goal.

Neha Ismail

Oraan  truly helped me a lot with my studies,  we were considering taking loans for the semester fee as we couldn't accumulate that amount in the time given but Oraan was there to help us , the team was incredibly supportive and always communicating with me to get everything done on time .

Shahmeer Khan

Oraan has been genuine support to me in terms of my university fee.  It was a bit hard for me tackle the finances but a big salute to the entire team that they were always a message away and they greatly supportive and comforted me  throughout the semester.

Tawwab Rasheed

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What is Oraan?

Oraan is a digital platform that empowers Pakistani women and their households by simplifying savings, investments, and budgeting through our innovative Oraan Committees and personalized coaching. We aim to provide an inclusive, secure, and user-friendly experience for women to take control of their financial lives.

How do Oraan Committees work?

Oraan Committees are digital versions of traditional committees where members contribute a fixed amount every month. Each month, one member receives the entire pool, and the process repeats until every member has received the pooled amount once.

How do I join an Oraan Committee?

To join an Oraan Committee, sign up for a free account on our platform, complete your profile, and choose a committee that matches your financial goals and preferences.

Is my money safe with Oraan?

Yes, your money is safe with Oraan. We prioritize security and implement top-notch safety measures to protect your investments from fraud and misuse.

Can I participate in multiple committees?

Yes, you can participate in multiple committees simultaneously to diversify your investments and achieve multiple financial goals.

What are the fees for using Oraan?

Our fee structure depends on the type of committee you join and the services you use. We strive to keep our fees minimal and transparent, ensuring an affordable experience for our users.

How does Oraan make money management easier?

Oraan simplifies money management by offering a user-friendly platform, transparent transactions, expert financial guidance, and a supportive community of like-minded women.

Can men use Oraan?

While Oraan is women first, we believe in financial inclusion for everyone. Men can also use our platform to participate in committees and manage their finances.

How can I contact Oraan for support?

You can reach out to our friendly support team through the Contact Us page on our website, or email us at support@oraan.com. We're always here to help with any questions or concerns.

Can men use Oraan?

While Oraan is women first, we believe in financial inclusion for everyone. Men can also use our platform to participate in committees and manage their finances.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to use Oraan?

No, you don't need to be tech-savvy to use Oraan. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.