Data Collection and Use

a. What data is collected?

We collect data from your phone to provide a segmented risk profile and generate an aggregated statistical information. To protect your identity, we remove all personal identifiers (if any) and pseudonymised such information. Any metadata processed in this way cannot be used to reproduce the original data collected. This data is ONLY used for the purpose outlined above and is protected from unauthorized usage and disclosure.


b. Is the data collected shared with any third party?

The data collected is shared with selected providers of data analytics services. The service providers are described below: 
CredoLab Pte Ltd: Oraan Tech Pvt. Ltd. uses CredoLab service to assess user’s credit worthiness. Metadata accessed, collected and shared are as follows: Contacts, Calendar, Storage, Registered Accounts, Web History & Browser Bookmarks. CredoLab’s privacy policy is available at https://www.credolab.com/privacy-policies/gdpr-privacy-policy


c. Why is the data collected?

We use the data as part of our decision process to assess your creditworthiness for a committee with us and build your trust meter. We may also use your data to assess your interest in receiving financial services through algorithms and mathematical modelling.