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How to delete your account?

Checklist before request

Before you submit a request to delete your Oraan - Digital Committee App account with Oraan Pte. Ltd., make sure:

  1. You have read our privacy policy
  2. You do not owe any money to Oraan, for example, an overdue installment.
  3. Oraan does not owe you any amount, for example, a Payout or bonus.
  4. You are not participating in any active Oraan Committees or Oraan SNPL.

If you are participating in an Oraan Committee, SNPL or any other product we offer, speak to your Oraan agent. They will help you reach a settlement plan and once that plan is complete, you can request for your account to be deleted.

Once your transactions with Oraan are settled, you can simply fill out this form to send us your request or you can make a request through the Oraan App by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the setting page
  • Click on request account deletion
  • Fill and submit the form

A note from our legal team:

Your request to delete your account will be processed in compliance with the regulatory requirements set out by the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. We are required to maintain your personal and non-personal information for a minimum of 10 years if you satisfy the below conditions:

  1. You have accepted a plan for an Oraan Committee or Oraan SNPL that was provided to you.
  2. You have participated in or are currently participating in Oraan Committee, Oraan SNPL or any other products and services that Oraan offers. 

In both the above cases, we will maintain the following data:

  • Your personal information such as  your name CNIC number, your home address, your name and any other demographic information you may have provided to us
  • Your history of transactions with Oraan
  • Any documents you submitted to us during your verification process including your bank statements, utility bills, salary slips. 

If you have not taken part in our products and services and if you have never accepted a plan for an Oraan Committee or SNPL, we will begin to process your account deletion request after a holding period of 10 days.