Who Run the World? Tackling Personal Finance for Women


Ladies, listen up! Today, we're going to discuss an important topic: personal finance, especially with the current high inflation. Just like you know how to select the perfect outfit for every occasion or juggle 1,000 things like work, family, social, house, you also have the power to master your finances! In Pakistan, we have a LONG way to go when it comes to making finance easily accessible for women but whatever is in our control, LET�S GO!! 

Step 1: Budgeting to deal with inflation

In times of high inflation, budgeting becomes even more crucial. Make sure you track your expenses and adjust your spending habits to cope with the rising prices. Prioritize essential items and try to cut down on non-essential expenses. Keep an eye on discounts and sales to make the most of your hard-earned money. Sounds simple but we do recognize its tough to do. Few hacks to keep you in check:

  1. Keep a quick tally of your personal kharchas by WhatsApp messaging yourself 
  2. No Spend Days: Especially with summer vacations - keep 2 dedicated days of the week to no spend days where you DON'T spend on anything 

Step 2: Building an Emergency Fund

With inflation eating into our purchasing power, it's essential to have an emergency fund in place. Start by setting aside a small percentage of your income for unexpected situations, such as medical emergencies or job loss. Consistently saving a little every month can make a huge difference in challenging times. Not gonna lie, Oraan Committees is the best way to build your emergency fund!!! 

Step 3: Smart Investments

Investing can be a great way to counteract the effects of inflation, but it requires careful planning and research. Look into different investment options like government bonds, mutual funds, saving accounts which historically have provided returns that outpace inflation. Be sure to diversify your portfolio to minimize risks. Since access to capital can be limited for women in Pakistan, consider joining a local investment club, like Oraan Community or seeking advice from financial experts to help you get started.

Here are few available options to invest

  1. Mutual Funds
  2. National Saving Certificates - we at Oraan LOVE this 
  3. Saving accounts 

Step 4: Exploring financing Opportunities

Microfinance institutions or Fintechs in Pakistan, like Oraan and or Abhi, offer financial services to those with low access to capital, including women. Research local finance options that provide small loans for starting or expanding businesses. This can be a great way to generate additional income and work towards financial independence.

Step 5: Advocating for Financial Education

Last but not least, let's not forget the importance of financial education. Encourage conversations about personal finance among your friends and family. Share resources and experiences to empower more women in Pakistan to take control of their financial futures.

Now, it's time to conquer the world of personal finance amidst high inflation! Let's get our purses in order, our finances on track, and show everyone that we're a force to be reckoned with. Cheers to the financially savvy women of Pakistan!

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