Choosing the right career ft. Fasih Munir

Oraan Podcast

Key Takeaways:

1. Money as a means to an end:

Fasih sees money as a tool to provide financial security for significant expenses, and he prioritizes saving for such situations.

2. Frugality and minimalism:

Fasih's upbringing and personal preference have led him to adopt a frugal and minimalistic lifestyle, enabling him to save more money.

3. Investing wisely:

While being risk-averse, Fasih recognizes the importance of investing his savings in assets like gold, which he believes will appreciate over time.

Overall, Fasih's journey highlights the significance of discipline, learning, and financial independence in managing money effectively and building wealth over time.

In this episode of the Oraan podcast, the host Halima talks to Fasih, a senior data analyst at Oraan, about his perspective on money. Fasih views money as a means to an end, primarily as a safety net for big expenditures. He describes himself as a saver with a risk-averse approach to money, influenced by his upbringing and the economic realities he observes, such as rising inflation and the need to curtail expenses. Fasih embraces a minimalistic and frugal lifestyle, which helps him save more.

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