Moms Share Their Best Back-to-School Money-Saving Tips


Preparing for the back-to-school season can be financially challenging for all families. From purchasing school supplies to new clothes, the expenses can quickly add up.

We asked women in our Facebook community for their best hacks and tips to plan better and save money for their kid�s back-to-school expenses.

Here is what 3 of our Oraan super saver moms had to say:

�My kids are now in 4th standard and I still struggle. But here is what I have learned that proper planning  helps a lot. Just by doing that I have not only saved money but also eased the burden of unexpected costs. I plan 3 months in advance by stashing away some money. Then I factor in at what rates I bought stationary and uniforms etc and add 15%-20% more.  So if I had bought it for 5000, I would budget 5750 PKR.�

�Let me start by saying that you don�t need to buy everything new.Before heading to the store, check your home for any leftover supplies from the previous year. You might find items like pens, pencils, or notebooks that can be reused. Assess your children's current clothing and identify what can still be worn. This way, you can focus on buying only what is necessary.I have noticed schools give a long list for things to buy, most of them we already have. Things like pencils, notebooks are often lying around unused or barely used. They can still be used for practice�

�As a mom who researches a lot,and seeks a lot of opinions from other parents, everyone kept talking about books , uniform but no one prepared me for food expenses. My kids are very picky and want something different everyday and they constantly compare that other kid brought an amazing lunch. Thinking about what to make often led me to order take out food and pre-made food  at the last minute. Now Ii work on themes of the day, SO one day it's pasta, other day it's sandwiches). Just by not ordering food at last minute from delivery apps, have saved not only upto 20,000/ month but also I ensure my kids have healthy food to take to school�

Saving for your kid�s back-to-school expenses doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. Even though they won�t be going until August, parents need to plan ahead.

 By creating a budget, and shopping strategically, and exploring cost-saving options, you can make the most of your savings.  With these tips in mind, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the back-to-school season without breaking the bank.


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