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Oraan Wealth

Oraan Wealth: Thank you for believing in us


The Oraan Wealth pilot was launched to make investment simple and achievable.


While a lot of our members showed interest in this product, the response we received has not been enough to continue with Oraan Wealth at this time.


 We have decided to close Oraan Wealth on September 30, 2022.


We want to thank everyone in our community for their support. We promise to continue innovating and creating products that make money simple for you.


If you have an Oraan Wealth account, please read below for your next steps and reach out to your Oraan team for any further guidance.




I have an account set up with Oraan Wealth. What are my next steps?

Your account will remain active with UBL Funds even after Oraan Wealth closes. You can access it using the UBL Funds app or website using the username and password that you have received from UBL Funds. If you do not have your credentials to log in, please reach out to the UBL Funds helpline (0800-00026).


Oraan will facilitate assigning a relationship manager to you.

I need further guidance on what to do with my Oraan Wealth account?

Please reach out to us on 0305-1623293 and our agents will provide you the guidance you need.


I want to close my account. What should I do?

You can redeem your money from your UBL Funds account using their app or their website. 


I want to continue investing. What should I do?

You can continue investing using the UBL Funds app. 


UBL Funds Call Center: 

Email :

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