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5 simple steps to start your Oraan Committee (OC) 

Payment Details for Oraan Accounts

  • Bank Details

    Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank

    Account name: Oraan Tech Private Limited

    Account #: 0621659001

    IBAN: PK87DUIB0000000621659001

    Branch code: 009

  • Easypaisa

    Account name: Syed Ale Abbass

    Account #: 0321 - 2471070

  • Jazzcash

    Account name: Syed Ale Abbas 

    Account #: 0321 - 2471070


Committee (OC) Rules

Once you agree to becoming an Oraan Committee member, the following rules are applicable to you:

Confirmation of slot
  1. Your committee payout month and commitment in a committee is confirmed after your first payment. Failure to pay the first instalment within the defined deadline will result in cancellation of your slot. If you require extension of deadline, you have to request for extension before the deadline.

Late payment
  1. Failure to pay within the deadline can result in penalty. In case of delays, it is your responsibility to inform the Oraan team and request for extension. Only one extension without penalty will be granted.

  2. If your payment is 10 days late from deadline and/or extension period, you will receive a warning. 

  3. Oraan holds the right to change your payout month in case of continuous late payments.

  4. Oraan holds the right to charge late fees in case of delayed payments.

  1. If you have not paid within the defined deadline, Oraan reserves the right to move your payout month to a later month. Oraan can also drop your slot and rebook you to a different slot.

  2. If you have been given two warnings, Oraan will deduct full fees in your payout month.

  3. In case you have received three warnings, oraan will move your payout month or drop your slot with full refund of your deposited amount within 7 working days. Please note fees will not be refunded.


Non payment after payout
  1. If you have received a payout and have not paid your instalment for over 30 days, you will be considered as 'defaulter'. Oraan has the right to pursue legal action for recovery and report you to the concerned authorities.Your ability to access financial services in the future will be limited following this. 

  2. If you sent an extra amount, Oraan will return the amount to you within 5 working days.

  3. If you want to drop your slot before your payout month, you will be refunded within 5 working days however your fees are non-refundable.


  1. If you want to drop your slot before your payout month, you will be refunded within 5 working days however your fees are non-refundable.



  1. Your payout will be sent to an account under your name.

  2. In case you submit a family members account, you have to provide their CNIC and contact details, and Oraan holds the right to ask them permission and take them as a guarantor. 

  3. Oraan will not transfer payments to defaulter accounts or members with pending balance.

  4. In case of a business account, we require proof of ownership or association with business. We also require information on what the nature of the business is.

  5. It is compulsory for all members to submit our committee protection plan before taking payout.


  1. Oraan has the right to drop you if your reference fails, such that they do not take guarantee of your information or don't hold a good history with Oraan.

  2. Oraan has the right to drop you if your reference has a pending balance or has become a defaulter.

  3. In the case of family members, if you or your family member default, Oraan has the right to withhold your payment for recovery.

Oraan Tech Pvt. Ltd. 


Oraan Tech Pvt Ltd. 
Office #208 & 209, 2nd floor, 
Shaheeen Centre, Plot # DC-5, 
Block-7, KDA Scheme 5, Clifton,

Karachi GPO 75600
(At Schon Circle, above WallMaster)


General: support@oraan.com

Careers: sara@oraan.com


General: 0213 58 (ORAAN) 67226

Payments: +92 305 162 3293 

Support: +92 300 12 (ORAAN) 67226

Shariah Certified

Oraan Committee management services provided by Oraan are Shariah certified by Safwa Shariah Advisory (Pvt.) Ltd. Click here to read more.

SECP registered

Oraan is registered in Pakistan as Oraan Tech Pvt. Ltd. with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (No. 0122392) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oraan Pte Ltd, registered in Singapore.

Oraan is Karandaaz / Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grantee for Women Financial Inclusion in Pakistan.

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