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Uncomfortable Conversations: Why women do not talk about money

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Talking about money is hard, and can be uncomfortable, but is important. Especially for women.

8 in 10 women* would not talk to anyone about money. Many found conversations around money to be “too personal” or “too uncomfortable.”

47% of women* even avoided talking about money to someone with expert knowledge of it, like a financial advisor.

So, why is this happening? Confidence around money plays a part.

In Pakistan, women -whether they are primary or secondary earners - play a key role in managing the finances of their homes.

Women are sometimes called "budget ministers" of their homes. This is because their daily tasks revolve around managing home expenses like paying bills to their children's school fees. A mentally exhausting, competent, and constant role that usually goes unnoticed

And though they direct the household money all day, how many times are they asked about the big financial decisions? Investments, retirement, buying a new car? Usually they are not.

It is the lack of inclusion in finances that keep women from getting comfortable and confident with money.

A patriarchal society like Pakistan has other factors at play too. Money and knowledge are power - and power leads to independence. A reserved culture like ours views independence as threatening.

As a result, the fewer controls women have over money, the less power they feel around it. And when one does not feel confident or powerful about something they are less likely to talk about it.

When you are not earning a lot of money or when you are finding it hard to make ends meet, money can be a source of shame.

Financial struggle is an isolating feeling. Money problems are personal problems and not one to vent to others about and definitely not one to seek help over.

On the flip side, earning a lot of money can be a source of pride but discussing it is often discouraged the world over.

Talking about money is still a big taboo. Not talking about money keeps people, especially women, from bettering their financial circumstances.

The benefits of talking about money for women are countless but some of the key ones are:


Knowledge to make financial decisions for a stronger future

Being paid what you are worth

Understanding the strength of your money and how to invest

And of course, confidence.

At Oraan, we talk about money every single day! To not talk about it would be a disservice to our team and to the people who trust us and are saving with us. As uncomfortable as money is, it is a necessity to achieve comfort, and talking about it is something we have to do!


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