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Does your money define who you are?

Updated: May 19, 2022

When Mawish’s grandfather passed away, he left behind just enough for his burial. As Mawish grew, money in her family grew.

On the day we were shooting for the Kiya Paisa Asaan Hai series, Mawish arrived at the studio right on time. After climbing up 4 flights of stairs in her heeled shoes, she sat down to catch her breath and told us she had rescheduled a meeting to make time for the shoot. A businesswoman who, after completing her education, joined the business her father built and strengthened over the years, she spoke to us about her challenges at work; about how it frequently takes her as far out as Port Qasim where she often finds herself a sole female surrounded by men.

When the camera started rolling, we started to recognize how strongly her family’s financial history has impacted her relationship with money. She told us about how in her experience people often identify others with money as opposed to who they really are. At the same time, she detached herself from her money; stating that it doesn't affect her.

She spoke easily about the importance of saving for everyone; about how it is imperative for everyone to guard themselves against increasing inflation and interest rates. However, she struggled to string her words together when we asked her to speak about her personal experiences with money. She also told us she believes it is a taboo to discuss finances; that the topic creates divides between people.

Mawish’s refusal to identify herself in terms of money and the discomfort she feels when talking about personal money matters appeared to us a direct result of how her family's financial status has evolved over the years. She appeared calculative about her savings; like someone who has been taught financial discipline and prides herself on practicing it. Like so many of us, she feels anxious when she doesn’t have savings. Stories like Mawish’s are not unusual. We have all witnessed families go through periods of financial hardship and ease. Without talking about them, we cannot relate to each other and find solutions when needed.

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