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A side income can go a long way!

Updated: May 19, 2022

How many of us have bought that amazing shirt that we didn't need but just really wanted? And by the end of the month, we are left with empty wallets and bank accounts coming down to three digits.

The solution? You need a side income! But how can you earn one?

Here are a few tips to get your brain racing in the right direction:

1. Turn a passion into a part-time profession eg: photography, writing, doing makeup, baking, etc

2. Find a few students in your neighbourhood and tutor them eg: academic lessons, professional courses or interest-based work.

3. Organize a small trip once a month and charge a fee that leaves a little for you on the side.

4. Run a home-food service eg: provide home-made food to offices in your area or to universities/schools

5. Begin a Facebook page to sell items once in a while

6. Become an Oraan commissioner and earn a commission by running Oraan committees. An Oraan commissioner earns from the comfort of their home. All you have to do is start a committee and onboard it on the Oraan App!

To learn more about how to become an Oraan Commissioner, contact us!

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