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A letter from Oraan

It’s extremely unfortunate as to what has happened in Pakistan around the current scam. In Pakistan, where women don’t have much financial access, it is our collective responsibility to make sure we are aware of what our financial rights are. We have listed out few things here that all of us should ALWAYS be aware of:

  1. Every time you are giving your money to someone for ANY transaction, it is YOUR right to ask for the receipt. The transaction should be acknowledged from both sides

  2. Your money, your right

  3. Online committee run by individuals VS Digital Committees run by companies, like Oraan have major differences:

  4. A company has to be registered by SECP which is a regulated body. In Oraan’s case, we are registered as Oraan Tech Pvt Ltd and here is our registration number: 0122392

  5. A company has a duty to protect all its customers under its terms and conditions.

  6. All transactions have audit trails attached to them - they are recorded in our application making sure you have paid your due amount, and we have received your due amount. Similarly, when you get your payout, we also record it that you have received it and we have paid it out.

  7. All members are verified before entering into a committee. The documentation Oraan requires is not for your own safety but also for the safety of other members

  8. We always make sure everyone in Oraan get their due amounts at the time they have been promised, similarly the members make sure that their payments due into Oraan committees are paid on time too.

  9. All Oraan Committees are run on the app so you have complete transparency as to what is happening

  10. Do not enter into any contract or any financial transactions especially around investments without doing your research. When doing your research, ask questions like: what company/financial institution you are part of, what is your registration number, what is your NTN number. How will I be protected legally?

  11. When there is an investment opportunity being provided to you, and the individual says please DM me so that I can share more details - please be aware. Legit opportunities should be transparent.

More than ever before, it is our collective responsibility to make sure we are protecting each other from being taken advantage of financially. As a community, we should make extra effort to be careful, look out for each other and voice concerns whenever we feel something is not right.


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