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Saving Grace — A guide for women to preserve their financial well-being

Updated: May 19

There is an immense amount of emotional labour that is part of a woman’s financial capital.

The economics of independence, perceptions of decision making capacities and the ability to speak for oneself as a woman is heavily dependant on a woman’s personal wealth. The credibility assigned to her person, her navigation and her freedom to make choices for herself is dictated by the economic viability of her self ownership.

Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash
Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash

Collectively women today have to work towards their own individual goals, establish boundaries, use social capital and set precedents across an uncharted social terrain.

The kind of resilience required to uphold their sense of selves without giving in to the cultural imagination that undermines their personal lives is an immensely taxing process.

Women founders will also be raising children, managing relationships and whatever life throws at them with the same force and focus they scale companies. Their self actualisation equips them to be a better resource professionally and more insightful beings.

Oraan’s initiative takes the financial well being of this breed of trail blazers and as we aim to set precedents, the absence of financial literacy comes forth.

In order to balance the disequilibrium within the professional and personal landscape, the monetary capital that women acquire needs to shed it’s trivialisation.

Photo by Matthew Guay on Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Guay on Unsplash

Financial Independence brings a security that is imperative to the well being of women multitasking effectively in their various roles. However, due to traditionally dismissive attitudes of a woman’s personal wealth, her capacity to save efficiently diminishes.

With a simple 5 step guide that is part of our financial literacy series, we can enable a shift towards dialogues and community building. It will also serve as a handbook through which individual saving systems can be designed as per relevant contexts.

Here’s a quick simple compilation of the first 5 basics of efficient money management:

1. The 30/40 rule — After 30 days of an eternity, the pay-check you receive is better than any knight in shining armour. It seems endless, a forever ever after of monetary bliss. It’s not though. The 30/40 rule makes sure you get to live the rewards of your own story on your own terms. Remove 30 percent of your pay check and ideally save it in a separate account that has no cards and is inaccessible unless you have to stand in the line at the bank for three hours and have the teller inform you that their working hours are over by the time you get to him.

2. Need vs. Want — Make a clear distinction between what is essential and what may not be priority but driven by impulse or desire. Separate the two. Once you have the essentials separated from the whimsical, your assigned amounts of respective spending will be informed from the get go.

3. Budgeting — Identify all necessary expenses and budget for them at the start of the month. Make budgeting a monthly activity rather than something you would do in times of financial stress.

4. Access to financial expertise — With our platform, we can collectively begin to create inroads to money management help required and customise as per individual need. Not all of us are born with razor sharp monetary acumen. This should be no reason to hinder your economic capital. Reach out and ask for help when financial struggles arise. There is an innate shame that women carry and it’s pronounced when it comes to money. At Oraan, we do away with presumptions and aim to be your financial therapists. With our specialised expertise, it’s a reassuring safe space to get help.

5. Retail therapy is real — Yes, you deserve a new pair of shoes or that bag of your dreams. You’ve worked hard and it’s only fair to treat yourself as a gesture of self care. Nurturing resentment that is most likely to follow will hurt both your professional and personal output. Set aside a sum that is only meant as a reward from you to yourself. It’s the least you deserve after the never ending days of drudgery.

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