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Payouts FAQ

Getting ready for your Oraan payout? 

Here’s how it works

When will I get my Oraan Payout?

We will send your payout between the 11th and 15th of the month.

If you are a Gold Star Saver, you can even get your payout by the 9th of the month
If you are taking your payout in the first month of your OC, you will get your payout between the 15th and 18th of the month.


How do I become a Gold Star Saver?

You can easily become a Gold Star Saver by consistently paying your monthly Oraan Installments in advance or by the 5th of the month.


How will I get my Oraan payout?

That’s up to you! You can choose if you want to receive your Oraan payout through bank transfer, Jazz Cash or Easypaisa. 


If you choose bank transfer, you will be asked to provide us your bank details. Just to make sure your money stays safe, we verify these details on our end as well. 

If you are choosing Jazz Cash or Easypaisa, please make sure you have enough limit on your account to receive the payout amount.


I don’t have a bank account, what should I do?

You can ask us to send you your payout via Jazz Cash or Easypaisa. You can also provide the bank details of a relative, however, we will have to verify that this bank account is your relative’s and will reach out to you to do so. Please note we cannot transfer your payout to a friends account.


My Easypaisa daily receiving limit is PKR 25,000 but my payout is larger. What will happen?

We request that you increase your receiving limit or provide a bank account. If both are not possible we’ve got a solution for everything! We can split your Payout amount and send it to you in 2 go’s on 2 different days, however this will mean that your Payout can take up to the 18th of the month.


Should I pay my installment in my payout month?

You do not have to pay your instalment or in your Payout month. It will be deducted from your Payout amount. For example, if your monthly instalment if PKR 5,000 and your Payout is PKR 50,000, we will send you PKR 45,000. We will also deduct your monthly service fee when applicable. 

If you send your instalment in your Payout month, it will be stored as an advance for your next due instalment. Refunds will only be issued if you are in the last month of your OC.


How do I provide my bank details to Oraan?

Simply, by filling out this form. Please fill this out by the 25th of the month before your payout.


How long do I have to wait to get my next payout?

You can apply for another OC and choose a Payout month that suits you. Keep in mind that the total saving limit in OCs is 10% of your verified income. For example, if your income is PKR 100,000, the total amount you can save in OCs in a month is PKR 10,000.


If you are in an active OC and choose an early Payout slot for your next OC, your eligibility will depend on how much you are saving in your first OC and your verified income. We will also take into account your Pay Score.


Can you deduct my full fees from this payout?

Your monthly fees and instalment will be deducted from your Payout amount before we send it to you. 


Can I request an early payout?

For an early payout, you would have to put in a advance request with our customer support team at 0300 1267226 before your payout month. The request is approved based on your pay score with Oraan. As payouts are sent out in bulk, changing dates is not possible during the month of payout.


I have just received my payout but it has my installment amount deducted even though I had already paid - What do I do now?

Instalments are deducted from the Payout amount. If you have already paid your instalment, don't worry  - it will be stored as an advance payment for your next due instalment. Refunds will only be issued if you are in the last month of your OC. Please contact our Payout department at 0300- 1267226 for further guidance.


In what event will I become ineligible to get my payout?

You will be ineligible to get your payout if you have not cleared your installment payments by the 25th of the month before your payout is due. In this case, our payouts team will reach out to you. 

Contact Us

For any payout related questions please contact us at 0305-1623293 or 0300-1267226.

You can email us at

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