Oraan's Mission

Make saving simple and achievable for everyone, everywhere.




In 2018, we set out to understand the relationship Pakistanis have with money - where they spend and how they save. As we listened to the stories of thousands from across the country, we learnt three important lessons: 


  1. For millions of Pakistanis, money is complicated.

  2. 41% of the population saves through committees. 

  3. Women, although largely excluded from the formal economy, are the budget ministers of their households.


We realised that by digitising committees we can make money and savings less complicated for everyone and empower women by offering them a safe, reliable and flexible digital solution. We realised that we can change the relationship that millions of Pakistanis have with money. 


Since then we’ve grown into a team of 25 members committed to the financial enablement of the underserved. Everyday we strive to create impact in the lives of Pakistanis - to create a path for their inclusion in the formal financial economy and to help them build their financial futures.

We have matched thousands of women and men to committees that suit their preferences and helped them achieve their goals - of travelling, completing their education, buying a car, funding a wedding. 

We are Pakistan’s first women-led, women-first fintech startup.